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success story: kansas online learning program

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In 2009, Lincoln Learning met with Centre Unified School District and discussed options for creating a statewide online school to preserve the district. From these collaborative sessions, the Kansas Online Learning Program (KOLP) was born. Throughout program development, we provided KOLP staff with quality curriculum resources and assistance in recruitment, enrollment, and customer service. Remaining approachable and ever-present allowed us to work continuously with KOLP personnel to ensure the learning program met the district’s specifications. The program’s humble beginnings saw a 21-student enrollment in Year 1; however, each year draws increasing interest, and KOLP currently serves 350 students throughout the state.  

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“Lincoln Learning was paramount in the creation of KOLP. Working with Lincoln was one of our best decisions in 10 years of a successful virtual program.”

    • Vickie Jirak, Director