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Home Storage Solutions for School Supplies

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Organizing school supplies during the year can be a challenge, regardless of how children attend school. Whether your kids attend school in-person, virtually, or a blend of both—or even if you homeschool your children— consider these storage hacks that will help you and your children find all their materials quickly and easily. No more last-minute meltdowns!

Storing Backpacks

If you have an entryway closet, clean it out first. Put away any items you won't need during the school season. Then, place a sturdy plastic container that easily fits into the closet. Dedicate one section of the container to each child. 

If your children attend in-person learning, have them place their backpacks, shoes, and (emptied) lunchboxes into their designated bin. Doing so eliminates a messy entryway and prevents losing track of school items when everyone is ready to head out the door. 

If your children learn at home, you can use this space as one way to store books, materials, and other supplies.

Organizing a Work Space

Create a designated work space for virtual learning and homework. This space should be neat, clean, organized, and contain daily materials. Use clear plastic shoe or storage bins, which can be purchased at local retailers, to keep items clean and secure.

You could have one bin for each day of the week (if learning lends itself to this structure). Keep one bin for textbooks, one for notebooks and folders, and one for supplies. Or, organize each bin by subject and keep pencils and other art supplies in one separate bin.

Designate one bin as a "busy box" that your children can use in between classes or before or after school. These boxes can be used anytime, such as in the evenings before bedtime. Fill them with items they enjoy using, such as Play-Doh, LEGOs, and other sensory items.

Displaying Technology 

In addition to physical storage, digital storage is vital to saving time and frustration. Setting up folders per subject and naming files consistently will help your children locate the information they need quickly and easily. Depending on your children's age levels, you may need to do most of the leg work in the beginning.

For example, Science 7 could be the name of a folder, and the assignments within it could be structured like this:

Nature Lab_Assessment_Science 7

Check out this resource for more assistance with cleaning up devices. You will learn how to organize the files you need and delete data you don't need.

Next, bookmark important websites for quick access. In Google Chrome, create a bookmark folder and name it something such as "School Links." Save all the links your children need for the day. Then, when they need to sign on, right-click the folder to open all of the tabs with one click. No more fumbling around for links before class starts!

Just like a desk should be organized, so should a device. For virtual learners, lots of work takes place via technology.

Organization can be extremely helpful, but consistency is key. Following these tips will help your children find, use, and store the things they need for school. 

Heather LiVorio_bioHeather LiVorio has 14 years of combined online and classroom teaching experience. She currently teaches Science and Family Consumer Sciences for Lincoln Learning Solutions and has been employed with the company for more than 7 years. Heather enjoys spending time with her three boys and family, vacationing at the ocean, and going on adventures.