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success story: Keystone remediation courses

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In 2016, a brick-and-mortar school district in Allegheny County, PA, incorporated our digital content and assessment library into their curriculum. Finding great success with this new tool, the district approached us about developing a solution to provide remediation for students struggling to complete the Keystone Exams, a graduation requirement mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The district shared course sequence documents with our curriculum experts, which enabled our team to create crosswalks that paired our national standards-aligned content to the Pennsylvania standards covered in the Keystone Exams. Using the digital content and assessment library to pull learning objects from 20 Lincoln Empowered courses, our team designed three customized remediation courses with pre- and post-tests that enabled the district to fulfill their instructional needs in English Language Arts 10, Biology, and Algebra I.  

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“The way Lincoln Learning Solutions has set up its digital library could revolutionize education. What we are ready to embark upon is a really big deal.” 

    • Director of K-12 Curriculum