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Improve Literacy Through Writing

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Today marks National Day on Writing. To celebrate the evolution and art of writing, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) began this annual tribute in 2009. This movement is supported by the need for building literacy through writing. Today, we want to inspire you and your children to pick up a pencil and write something—anything!  

Support Self-Efficacy in Your Child

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Self-efficacy is founded in having the belief in your ability to succeed. Having self-efficacy has lifelong benefits that can support a person through academics, athletics, careers, and other personal or professional achievements.

Finding Success with Online Learning

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This school year has brought more challenges than ever imagined. There’s no doubt you want the best education for your children. Making sure your children are learning and staying on pace can create immense internal pressure, from both educational and parental standpoints.  

Get Ready for Online Learning

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August is usually filled with an air of anticipation and excitement for getting back to school. This year, however, you’re probably in a cloud of stress. With distance learning on the horizon, parents will be doubling as part-time teachers, siblings will replace familiar classmates and friends, and schedules still include a LOT of time at home.

How to Head Back to School, Virtually

online learning, online teaching, social distancing, distance learning

For many teachers and students, that first day of school may look quite a bit different this year as our nation continues to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. Many schools and districts will remain online, and teachers whose classrooms are traditionally brick and mortar now find themselves faced with the challenge of starting the school year in a virtual setting.

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