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Success Story: leadership summit

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Our business model is simple; our clients come first. We aren’t in the market simply to sell a product or service. We’re here to partner with educators to design the programs that best fit their students’ needs and facilitate student success.

Listening and responding to client concerns and suggestions is a huge part of ensuring that success. In December 2019, we hosted a two-day leadership summit for a select group of client representatives. This intimate atmosphere provided an opportunity for us to better understand the client experience, hash out client concerns regarding existing offerings, brainstorm ideas for improving existing products and designing new products to better meet client needs, and more. Not only that, but our clients were able to collaborate with each other to share best practices and develop meaningful goals for the future.

Educators who partner with us work with our expert staff to ensure the experience they create is exactly what their students need. The short video to the right showcases why our partners choose Lincoln.

“The customer service model that Lincoln brings forward is second to none.”

    • Andrew Hulbert, Superintendent of Michigan International Prep School