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Use LMS Data to Promote Student Success

As an online teacher, you likely have access to a plethora of data within your learning management system (LMS). Did you know you can use this data to positively influence your students’ learning experience?

Although every LMS is different and data types will vary, here are a few ideas for using data to promote student success.

Using LMS Data Promotes Student Success

Analyze Your Student Activity Log

The student activity log helps me to understand how my students are spending their time within the courses I teach. It identifies what activity the student clicks on within the course, when they clicked on it, and how long they spend on the activity. This information is displayed in the order of each click.

This data allows me to see if students are working through all the lessons and practice problems. Monitoring this information helps me to provide encouragement or positive reinforcement at the right time. Here are a few examples.

bulletIf I see that a student is skipping lessons, for instance, I can encourage that student to complete the lessons in chronological order.

bulletI can applaud a student who is keeping a steady pace and remind other students to take their time. 

bulletIf I notice that all students are spending a significant amount of time on a single concept, I can review this information with the class and adjust the respective lesson.

The student activity log shows me how each student is progressing through the course, helping me to pinpoint where they may need assistance. Analyzing this data can lead to great student conversations that guide me to better understand how they are learning and navigating course content.

Examine Assessment Details

At the start of each semester, I review the auto-graded assessments within my courses. Doing so helps me to understand what the students are seeing in terms of question type and question wording. If multiple students miss the same question, I can also review the lesson content, compare it to the assessment question, and ensure the wording is clear in both places.

In addition, I review student scores for the teacher-graded assessments. If scores are different than I expected, I can clarify instructions, update the rubric, or enhance a lesson.

By examining the assessment data within in each course, I can make focused changes as needed to help promote student success.

Explore Metrics for Individual Students

Reviewing individual student details is another important part of my data analysis. These details include a student’s total score in the course, scores by assessment, and course completion percentage.

If a students’ total score suddenly falls, for instance, I can investigate further and provide clarification for a concept and suggestions for improvement within the course.

I can provide personalized learning opportunities, such as additional practice questions or a video explanation for each student, based on the data provided by the LMS. 

Likewise, if I see a student’s score improve on an assessment, I can congratulate the student and award a digital badge. These electronic symbols of accomplishment help to motivate students.

LMS Data Can Open Personalized Learning Opportunities

Monitor Pacing Data

I also use the LMS data to monitor the pace of students in my courses. If I see a student’s course end date approaching and they are on a steady pace to complete the course on time, I can encourage them to continue their effort.

By tracking the built-in pacing and performance indicators, I can also see if a student is falling behind. 

In such instances, I send personalized emails to students to encourage and motivate them. I can ask them if they are struggling on a specific topic or lesson, or, I can suggest that they attend my office hours for more one-on-one support. When necessary, I can also notify a student’s parent or district of performance-related issues.      

Connections Are Key

There many ways to use the data offered by your LMS. When doing so, remember that each data point can give you an opportunity to promote your students’ success. It can also provide you with an opportunity to personalize your students' experience by learning about and connecting with them.

How do you use LMS data to promote student success in your online course? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more online teaching articles.

banyas_bioJodie Banyas has taught high school business and math courses with Lincoln Learning Solutions for 10 years and has previous experience with IBM Finance. Jodie enjoys spending her free time with her family, traveling, reading, and walking her dog.

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