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Homeschool with Lincoln Learning

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Choosing how your children are educated is a big decision. Today, there are many options for kids, particularly through the COVID-19 pandemic. Lincoln Learning provides several avenues for student learning, including virtual and blended options through schools, as well as our self-paced homeschool track. 

Our homeschool track is not affiliated with a school. This learning path provides parents with the freedom and flexibility to design how they educate their children.

Before you begin implementing our curriculum through homeschooling, we recommend taking the following steps to ensure what we offer is right for you and your children.

1. Check the homeschool laws in your state.

Homeschooling requirements in each state vary. Go to HSLDA to search your state's laws. Some states have little or no regulation while other states have strict regulations.

2. Talk with your school district.

If your child is currently enrolled through a school district, you may find it beneficial to discuss your options with administrative staff first. If homeschooling is going to be a temporary situation (for example, through the pandemic), you will need to ensure your school will approve a transfer of our curriculum for credit and transcript recording.

Keep in mind that Lincoln Learning Solutions is a curriculum vendor and not a school; therefore, we do not issue credits for courses or create student transcripts. Our courses do include a credit equivalency, and we do provide a grade for transferring.

If you have been homeschooling with another curriculum and would like to use Lincoln Empowered, you can make the switch. However, you still need to adhere to state requirements. 

3. Find out how your child learns best.

Once all the formalities have been addressed, focus on discovering how your child learns best. Some children excel in online environments while others benefit working completely offline.

Lincoln Empowered instructional content is online. However, we do offer offline manipulatives including worksheets and literature pieces that can be printed at your leisure. You can also print instructional content if there's something within the lesson you find beneficial for hands-on learning.

Many of our courses contain hands-on projects that enable children to work offline and create something unique through science labs and art projects, for example.

Ask yourself—or your child if they are old enough— these questions to help you identify their learning style(s).

  • Do you prefer to learn through reading?
  • Does writing help you retain information?
  • Do you enjoy listening as you learn?
  • Do you prefer to watch demonstrations?
  • Do you understand concepts by physically working through them?

Your child may respond with a "yes" to several questions, which gives you additional opportunities for learning.

Lincoln Empowered is multi-modal, meaning the curriculum appeals to multiple learning styles. However, you can adapt the curriculum to meet yours and your child's needs.

4. Dive In to Homeschooling

Next, check out our Course Catalog to begin your homeschool journey with Lincoln Empowered. You can browse more than 170 early kindergarten through grade 12 courses.

After you make a purchase, your child will be enrolled soon after, and you will receive a "Welcome" email that provides guidance, suggestions, and resources.

We also have a self-serve Help Center and live chat available for extra support.

Finally, savor the flexibility of making your own schedule, bonding with your family through activities you enjoy, and creating the academic experience you and your children want to have.

5. Things to Remember

As a homeschool parent, you are responsible for ensuring content is implemented with your children and that they are learning, state requirements (such as time spent) are met and documented, and documentation is submitted to the proper authorities.

If you are new to homeschooling, there are many online forums where you can ask questions and seek advice from other novice and veteran homeschooling families. Homeschooling may seem like an unfamiliar path, but there is an entire community ready and willing to help you and your children succeed.

Nicole_Thompson_2021-1Nicole Thompson is a contributing writer and editor to the Lincoln Learning blog. She brings more than a decade of experience in education, curriculum, and communications to her blogs. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Master of Science in Instructional Leadership, with certifications in secondary English and Communications. Nicole is married with four children and has a spunky golden retriever named Cinder and a rescue dog named Annie Banannie.