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Easy, Fun Art Projects

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Are you looking for art projects that aren’t complicated and expensive? There are plenty of ways to incorporate art into your children’s daily routines. The following projects include outdoor items in addition to items you'll find right at home. Let's get creative!

Art in Nature and at Home

Create a nature collage.

This time of year is perfect for exploring the colorful features in nature. Take a walk with your children and have them pick up nature items to keep for a collage. These items could include grass, flowers, stones, and sand, to name a few. Be sure not to pick up garbage or anything harmful.

Then, glue your items to a piece of cardstock or cardboard to create a collage. 

TIP: Try hot glue instead of liquid or a glue stick and help your children glue them to the paper.

Hang your collage somewhere in the house to display. If you want to preserve your children's masterpieces, get a shadow box frame and affix the art inside.

young girl creating art with flowers

Blast off with a rocketship.

There are many items you can collect around your home to inspire magic and wonder. Go on an indoor scavenger hunt to find materials that can be repurposed.

One idea is to create a rocket ship and imagine blasting off into space!

For this project, you will need the following items:

  • one snow cone cup
  • one cardboard tube
  • four cardboard triangle pieces
  • glue or tape
  • paint
  • a paintbrush
  • cup of water (to rinse the paintbrush between colors)

Start by gluing or taping the snow cone cup on top of the cardboard tube. Next, glue or tape the four cardboard triangle pieces onto the bottom of the tube so the tube can stand upright. After the glue dries, start painting.

TIP: You may find hot glue works best for this activity.

boy painting rocket ship craft

Making Literary Connections

You can expand your children’s knowledge by connecting art to current or historical artists and their works. Using an online search engine or borrowing a book from the library can help you and your children learn about time periods, styles, and various art forms. 

Here are some book ideas to get you started.

Ages 4-10

  • The World of Eric Carle by Eric Carle
  • 13 Artists Children Should Know by Angela Wenzel
  • Camille and the Sunflowers: A Story about Vincent Van Gogh by Laurence Anholt
  • Sunday with Seurat by Julie Merberg

Ages 10+

  • The Usborne Book of Famous Artists
  • Women in Art: 50 Fearless Creatives Who Inspired the World by Rachel Ignotofsky
  • Leonardo da Vinci by Antony Mason

After you look at the art in a book, ask your children these questions:

  • What materials did the artist use?
  • What do you see in this piece?
  • How could you create something similar?

If you're feeling really inspired, try to recreate the artwork at home.

Art encourages children to be imaginative and creative. Getting started with materials in and around your home can inspire your children to appreciate the beauty all around them. 

Have you tried any of these projects? Share yours in the comments below.

Erika Duso has more than 8 years of combined online and classroom teaching experience. She currently teaches first-grade English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Erika enjoys backpacking, reading, and looking for rocks in the Great Lakes.