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Support a Growth Mindset

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Growth mindset is the belief that students can learn more or become smarter if they work hard and persevere. It addresses both the hearts and minds of students and teachers. Willingness to try new things and to attempt challenging tasks can foster a growth mindset at home or at school. Try these recommendations with your child. 


At School

  • Allow students to choose their own topics of study from a variety approved by the teacher. When the topics are more meaningful to them, it will encourage students to persist and stay more engaged with their learning, even if the task is challenging. 
  • Encourage students to use self-reflection throughout the task or assignment. This reflection will allow them to better understand their feelings to help them make sense of their experiences and emotions.
  • When students are trying something new and challenging, teach them they are learning from setbacks, not making mistakes. 

At Home

  • Read books or watch videos with your child that explore inspirational stories about people who have done or achieved great things. Choose something they can relate to their interests or their situation. 
  • Discuss something new or challenging that your child would be interested in trying. Ask questions to identify obstacles or fears that may stand in their way. Help them to make a plan on how to overcome the obstacle or fear to aid them in gaining confidence and becoming more successful.
  • Make silly mistakes yourself (and try again). Try mixing the wrong ingredients together when making a recipe. Do this in front of your child so they know that it’s okay to make mistakes when they are attempting new challenges or tasks.

By embracing the productive struggle and helping children understand that doing hard things provides an opportunity to grow their brains, we can unleash a wave that contributes to their growth. 

These strategies can help you show your children they can continue to set new goals, try new things, or succeed at challenging tasks while providing them the tools to do so.