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Success Story: Urban Green Education Project

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From Java to Jakarta and Bintaro to Brazil, Don Lamison, who heads the nonprofit Urban Green Education Project, is doing wonders in the world of elevating possibilities for K-12 students on an international stage. He and his Indonesia-based nonprofit team believe fervently that urban sustainability begins with education, which serves as the foundation for their initiatives.

In their mission to revolutionize education, digital and blended learning are at the core of their efforts. Teachers are revered. Equipping them with quality resources is key to their success. At the heart of those resources is curriculum, and that’s where they turn to Lincoln Learning Solutions.

“I don’t think anybody else can match them in terms of the quality. There are so many companies available, but nobody has the flexibility that Lincoln does.”

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Lamison believes Lincoln’s learning objects and Learning Content Bank are a godsend to teachers who want to tailor their lessons, and explained how it works to EdCuration’s Kristi Hemmingway in a recent podcast.

Given the social and economic diversity of the regions where the Urban Green Project invests its resources, Lamison knows that every school is different. He’s appreciative that Lincoln understands and supports him in working through each school’s unique issues. “They’re problem solvers,” he says, “educational engineers.”

Don and his team have expanded their program and now reach approximately 10,000 students with continually growing enrollments.

“At the core of any great school are great teachers. There’s nothing more valuable than the time students spend with each other and with a great teacher. And that drives everything we do. It’s a great equalizer. It’s truly the democratization of education. It’s access to opportunity.”

    • Don Lamison, founder, CEO, and director of operations and development for Urban Green Education