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Success Story: Personal Instruction

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In 2016, Kitana Graham turned to PA Cyber after ongoing surgeries and extreme anxiety caused major delays in her high school coursework. Faced with looming deadlines and plagued by a shattered confidence, Kitana accepted personalized assistance from Lincoln Learning teacher Julianne Brancadora, who was facilitating courses for the cyber charter school. With regular tutoring sessions and Julianne’s unwavering support, Kitana completed German I with an A average and progressed successfully through all three courses in the German series. While overcoming significant hurdles together, the pair formed an unbreakable bond that exemplifies our organization’s dedication to students and clients.

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“It’s not just German [Julianne] has helped her with. By helping [Kitana] to find ways to combat her learning disabilities, it’s helped her in her other subjects too. There’s not enough that we can say. She brought back my baby.”

    • Michelle Graham, Kitana’s mother