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Meet Lacey Zimage

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Larissa (Lacey) Zimage cultivates the gifts of Lincoln Learning Solutions teachers by understanding what it takes to be a mentor and challenging ideas regarding the online learning landscape. As Senior Manager of Instructional Support, Lacey works directly with teachers to support their day-to-day activities and provide solutions for the unusual scenarios they face.

In her 12 years with Lincoln Learning, Lacey created new processes from the ground up, trained a countless number of teachers, and supported almost every new learning platform release in order to improve the experience for all students, teachers, and clients. Lacey designed an Instructor Training Course, updated the Teacher Handbook, and documented all processes currently in place in Instructional Services. She is the go-to person for advice on student-related issues or general problem solving.

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Mary Strehl, an instructional manager who works side-by-side with Lacey said, “Lacey is incredibly organized and detail oriented. She anticipates problems before they happen, and she deals with them efficiently. She is great at providing us the resources we need to succeed.”

Other instructional managers who rely on Lacey’s expertise expressed their gratitude of her knowledge and commitment to improving all aspects of Lincoln Learning’s educational services.

Noting Lacey’s superb informational skills, Liz Callen said, “Lacey is a master organizer. She tracks and updates numerous documents about teaching procedures and information about our operation platforms. If ever you ask yourself, ‘I wonder who knows ___ about ____’, it’s Lacey, and she has the document to help you do it. We’d be lost without her.”

Whether she is busy assisting with professional development, proofreading an email for a colleague, or collaborating with other departments, Lacey is always willing to go the extra mile to help those around her.

Instructional manager Amanda Bshero acknowledged the importance of Lacey’s role within the department. “Lacey is the quiet leader that keeps our whole department organized. She is always able to point us in the right direction when we have a question,” she said. “Thank you, Lacey, for supporting us and leading us.”

Lacey is a hard worker who pushes herself to the limit for her team. Even though, on the surface, Lacey seems like a reserved individual who only focuses on the task at hand, she can certainly join the fun with her more boisterous officemates.

Instructional manager Ashley Mitko said, “Lacey is dedicated to our team, excellent at providing useful resources for all teachers, and has the best sense of humor! I feel very blessed to work with Lacey on a daily basis!”

Rodney Slappy, another instructional manager, summed up how those at Lincoln Learning Solutions feel about Lacey’s support and influence on the people around her.

“The privilege of working for a hard-working and personable manager cannot be understated or taken for granted. Lacey is a very resourceful, knowledgeable, and honest person. Possessing all of these leadership qualities allows her to be an extremely effective and trustworthy manager. I appreciate having had the opportunity to work alongside Lacey throughout the years here at Lincoln Learning Solutions,” Rodney said.

In addition to all the support and guidance she shares with her Lincoln Learning family, Lacey also is devoted to her husband, Mike, and her kids, Miles and Lila. Her roles of wife and mother bring her great joy and pride.

Thank you for all you do, Lacey!