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December Giving Calendar

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There are so many ways to embrace the holiday season by spreading joy to your community. But, where do you start? What ideas work best for you and your family? How can you teach your children the value of giving?

Use our giving calendar to help you choose ideas, inspire your kids, and create a game plan to help friends, family members, and strangers.


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These small acts of kindness can help you and your family countdown to Christmas while helping those in the community. Keep in mind, many of these activities are great to do year-round, such as writing letters, mailing cards, making baked goods, and donating extra food, clothing, and books.

Typically, people are more generous during the holidays, which is wonderful. The biggest challenge is that final step—to keep the generosity flowing for years to come.

Ryan Jackson

Ryan Jackson is an Instructional Manager for Lincoln Learning Solutions. She has more than 9 years of experience in online education. Ryan spends her free time traveling across the U.S. with her husband and two children.