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Best Practices for Online Teaching: Self-Care

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At Lincoln Learning, online teaching is what we do best. No matter the reason you may be teaching online, we have some tips to help both you and your students succeed with remote instruction.

Our experienced instructors put their heads together to create a list of best practices for online teaching. Here's what they had to say about the importance of teacher self-care.

Best Practices for Teacher Self-Care

Teacher self-care is just as important in the online teaching world as it is in the classroom. You can’t be at your best for your students if you aren’t looking out for number one. Use these tips to keep your mind focused and sharp when you are teaching remotely.

  • Keep a routine. Set your alarm, wake up, shower, get dressed, and have breakfast before you start working. Keep a schedule as if you were leaving your house to go to work. Don’t forget to schedule a prep period and a lunch break for yourself too.
  • Eat well. You’re used to quickly packing a cold lunch and hastily putting together dinner after a late day at school and the commute home. Now you can have a warm, fresh lunch prepared in your own kitchen. You can stick to a meal plan in the evenings, too, without worrying about having to stay late or hitting traffic. Eating well ensures you’re in good physical health and increases your sense of well-being. 
  • Create a designated work area in your house. Keep it organized with the things you need to do your job. Make a to-do list so you know what needs to be completed before you close your computer for the day.
  • Move around. You’re used to walking around the classroom, the school building, and to and from the parking lot. Being at home can be a huge physical adjustment. Consider purchasing a standing desk or try moving your laptop to a shelf or raised area in your home to act as a standing desk so you can work while standing for part of your day. Taking movement breaks is imperative.
  • Focus on enjoying non-tech hobbies. After spending all day long on a computer, try to unplug during non-working hours. This will help you decompress and refill your energy.
  • Keep in touch with colleagues. You likely have virtual meetings provided by your school, but don’t forget to reach out to some of your work friends. Consider having a Zoom lunch date or creating a virtual teachers’ lounge. We all need to stay connected while being apart.

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