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Best Practices for Online Teaching: Class Management

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At Lincoln Learning, online teaching is what we do best. No matter the reason you may be teaching online, we have some tips to help both you and your students succeed with remote instruction. 

Best Practices for Class Management

Managing your class is quite a bit different when students are now scattered across your district instead of in a single classroom. Try incorporating these tips to bring your class together, manage their work, and help your students adapt to distance learning.

  • Show your personality just like you would in a brick-and-mortar classroom. Students appreciate a sense of humor and relate more when you can show them that you’re not a robot on the other side of the computer.
  • Provide time management tips with assignments. Students may struggle with motivation or need extra guidance for prioritizing work while they transition to online classes.
  • Offer participation grades or extra credit to help students get involved and interact online. The extra motivation will help increase engagement.
  • Plan extra questions on the topic you’re teaching. It’s easier to grab a screenshot of a premade question than it is to come up with one and type it while students are waiting.
  • Give extra time for assignment completion. Your students may not be able to work during typical school hours due to parent work schedules or other variables. Consider creating a Sunday night deadline for the past week’s assignments.
  • Stay organized and be very clear on how students should submit work. Tracking participation becomes chaotic if some students post in the comment section, others share a Google Doc, and others email a response.
  • When providing student feedback, keep it light and friendly, but make a point to be very specific. Try to focus on positives rather than negatives.

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