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Promote Student Success Using LMS Data

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As an online teacher, you likely have access to a plethora of data within your learning management system (LMS). Are you using this data to positively influence your students’ learning experience?

Defusing Difficult Online Students

elearning, online learning, education, student achievement, student motivation, student behavior

All teachers encounter students who are difficult or disruptive. Online students are no exception. Dealing with a disruptive online student, however, can be challenging for educators.

Targeted Teaching and Learning

education, student achievement, teaching, student motivation, formative assessment, criteria for success, learning intentions

Think about the last time you took on learning something new: a new job, a new craft or hobby, a new skill. As you sat down as a complete novice, you probably already thought about what it would look like and feel like to be successful.

As adults, we do this often. We think about what we want out of our new experiences, and we choose them based on some kind of motivator. Whether we want a better salary, we want a new pastime, or we need to fix up our house, we dive into learning because we are driven.

Get Your Student Talking About School

education, student achievement, student motivation, homework, student conversations

As parents, we want to hear our students talk about their school day, but often our standard question doesn’t lend itself to what we really want to hear.

Asking students, “What did you do today?” returns answers like, “We played outside. We had gym. We made a volcano.” Statements like these tell you a little about what transpired throughout their day, but it doesn’t get to the meat of the story.

Top 5 Student Study Tips

education, student achievement, student motivation, study skills, test-taking skills

Testing time can be a source of anxiety for many students. Helping your child prepare can ease their stress, help them focus, and can ultimately make a huge difference in their academic outcomes. We've put together the following tips to help your child be ready and confident on test day. It's important to keep in mind that every student is different, and your student may need to use variations of these techniques to prepare for an exam. 

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