Lincoln Learning Solutions

Lincoln Learning Supports Educational Outreach through the Arts

Philanthropy, arts, cultural studies

The Tull Family Theater isn’t your ordinary movie theater. With a focus on education, this independent nonprofit in Sewickley is quickly becoming a cultural beacon for area residents. 

It's Never Too Early to Read to Your Child

Literacy, parental involvement, early education, preschool, Philanthropy

Lincoln Learning Solutions, Beaver County Educational Trust Partnership

As any new mom can tell you, the first few days with your newborn at the hospital are a blur. It was no different for my husband and me when we welcomed our daughter in 2016 at Heritage Valley Hospital in Beaver, PA.  

Hekima Place, Lincoln Learning Solutions Form Partnership

Philanthropy, education

Lincoln Learning Solutions  announced the company’s board of directors approved a $300,000 grant for Hekima Place, founded by Pittsburgh native Kate Fletcher in 2005 to care for orphaned and vulnerable Kenyan girls. 

Lincoln Learning Staff Volunteers with Junior Achievement in Rochester

Philanthropy, education, teaching, student achievement

“I feel like the students learned a lot about how the community works,” Julianne Brancadora, a Lincoln Learning Solutions Junior Achievement volunteer said.

Penn State Lincoln Learning Endowed Scholarships Awarded


Lincoln Learning Solutions is proud to recognize Liz Pellicano and Aaron Csuy as the first recipients of the Penn State Lincoln Learning Solutions Endowed Scholarship.