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How to Head Back to School, Virtually

online learning, online teaching, social distancing, distance learning

For many teachers and students, that first day of school may look quite a bit different this year as our nation continues to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. Many schools and districts will remain online, and teachers whose classrooms are traditionally brick and mortar now find themselves faced with the challenge of starting the school year in a virtual setting.

Online Teaching: What You Need to Know

elearning, edtech, online learning, education, online teaching, distance learning

As districts plan for an uncertain 2020/21 academic year, many teachers have found themselves in a role they likely never imagined, that of an online teacher.


Teaching Online Art from Scratch

art, online teaching, arts, distance learning

Finding and managing materials is one of the most difficult facets of teaching art in a regular brick-and-mortar classroom. Now that teachers have transitioned from teaching in a classroom to teaching online, finding materials just got more difficult -- there aren’t any!

Online Art Education: Overcoming the Hurdles Part 2

elearning, art, online teaching, arts, distance learning

As we continue our series on addressing the challenges brick-and-mortar art teachers face in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we shift our focus to technical concerns. The issues addressed here were submitted by art teachers, but many of the solutions apply to all teachers who are new to online education.

Online Art Education: Overcoming the Hurdles Part 1

elearning, art, online teaching, arts, distance learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken education dramatically. Students and teachers alike are now confined to learning and teaching within the walls of their own home, given no choice in the matter.

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