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Personalized Learning: Defining Our Approach

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As educators, we understand that the phrase "personalized learning" can have many different meanings depending on your role in a student's education. 

As an educational organization offering you tools to personalize learning for your students, we feel it's important to define our approach.

Allow us to take a few moments to explain what personalized learning means at Lincoln Learning Solutions and what it will mean for you when you choose to partner with us.

Bring Culture into Your Classroom This Holiday Season

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The winter months are busy with holiday celebrations and family traditions. It’s a time where people all over the world participate in their own cultural rituals and festivities. It’s also a great time of the year to incorporate a “Holiday’s Around the World” lesson into your classroom.

A Parent's Role in Online Education

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When it comes to online learning, parents are often unsure of how they can help their children succeed.

Many parents of online students fail to realize that their support, encouragement, and involvement is critical, just as it is for parents with students in a traditional learning environment. Supporting your online student is crucial to their success and doing so may be easier than you think.

Diary of an Online Teacher: Vol. 2

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Anatomy of an Online Teacher

Have you ever considered teaching online? Most brick-and-mortar teachers cringe at the thought, and, perhaps, that is because they have a mistaken idea of what it’s all about. Let’s set the record straight. But before we do, let’s get a few common misconceptions out of the way.  

Diary of An Online Teacher: Vol. 1

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Technology Can Never Rival the Importance of a Great Teacher 

If you grew up watching black and white TV while talking on a rotary dial phone and your playlist consisted of kickball, jump rope, or hula hoops, you are what Marc Prensky termed a digital immigrant. In fact, it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that ordinary, everyday consumers began to buy what was termed “personal computers.”