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Improve Literacy Through Writing

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Today marks National Day on Writing. To celebrate the evolution and art of writing, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) began this annual tribute in 2009. This movement is supported by the need for building literacy through writing. Today, we want to inspire you and your children to pick up a pencil and write something—anything!  

Get Creative with Your Kids

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As the Covid-19 quarantine continues, you’re likely searching for fun activities to keep your children occupied. Try creating art. If your art supplies are limited and you’re stuck at home, don’t worry. Art is possible even with just a pencil and paper. Here are some fun artistic activities you can try with your children during the next few weeks.

All the World's a Story

reading, creativity, Literacy, English Language Arts

March 20 is World Storytelling Day. This holiday is celebrated annually on the March equinox. Every year features a focused theme, 2020 being “Voyages.” The tradition of World Storytelling Day is to encourage people from all over the globe to share stories orally in their native tongue. It also presents a great opportunity to embrace culture and to foster interpersonal relationships by listening to stories in other languages.

Check out these free and easy ways you can celebrate World Storytelling Day this year.

Partnership Brings Cultural Experiences to Area Youth

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“Music and the arts make a bridge across the world in ways that nothing else can.”  -- Julie Andrews

Inspire Creativity in Your Students in 2019

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It’s January, which means it is the beginning of a fresh, new year! While many people are making health-related resolutions, have you ever thought about resolving to improve your creativity?

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