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Get Ready for Online Learning

online learning, distance learning

August is usually filled with an air of anticipation and excitement for getting back to school. This year, however, you’re probably in a cloud of stress. With distance learning on the horizon, parents will be doubling as part-time teachers, siblings will replace familiar classmates and friends, and schedules still include a LOT of time at home.

Practice Practical Math

teaching, mathematics, math education, distance learning

Adding the role of teacher to parental obligations has many adults stretched thin these days. Parents, take comfort in the fact that engaging your children in math does not require late nights learning Common Core. Use this time at home to practice practical math skills that are applicable to everyday life situations. This weekly schedule provides a great starting point to practice skills including money, telling time, measurement, number sense, and problem solving.

Same Class, Different Classroom

high school, online teaching, elementary, middle school, emergency closure, distance learning

A classroom is not formed overnight. As a teacher, you’ve spent countless hours decorating, arranging furniture, and getting organized. Throughout the year, you got to know the individuals in your class, you adjust teaching techniques, seating, and routines. Your efforts made the walls of your classroom a place of peace and comfort for yourself and your students. It’s natural to feel floundered when all of that was suddenly taken away.

Keeping Skills Sharp at Home

study skills, homeschool, emergency closure

At Lincoln, we enjoy the occasional lazy snow day off as much as the next person. However, when school closures last at least a few weeks, a more structured schedule is necessary. We’re here to help you craft a meaningful schedule for your impromptu homeschooling.

War: A Numerical Battle for Math Practice

education, study skills, mathematics, elementary

Card games, such as the timeless War, have been enjoyed for centuries. Have you ever considered using this elementary game of luck to help your student(s) with math practice? Read on to learn about several tactics you can use in class or at home.

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