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Three Questions to Get Your Class Thinking

student achievement, student motivation, personalized learning, student behavior

Just like any teacher, your passion is helping your students to learn and prepare for their future. Part of that responsibility is teaching students how to become life-long learners. Using metacognitive strategies in your classroom can help to bring out the inner teacher in your students.

Inspire Creativity in Your Students in 2019

education, teaching, music, art, creativity

It’s January, which means it is the beginning of a fresh, new year! While many people are making health-related resolutions, have you ever thought about resolving to improve your creativity?

The Art of Teaching Art Online

elearning, edtech, education, art

Many people have the impression online art education is limited to digital forms of art-making, such as using computer programs to create digital drawings. However, online art education encompasses so much more. In fact, art encompasses more than just the act of making art – it includes the whole artistic process.

Each artist has their own artistic process beginning with the initial artistic idea and ending with the presentation of the final masterpiece. Online art courses need to account for this complete process. Here are just a few ways that the stages of the artistic process can be taught online.